What exactly is an E-pipe ?

An e-pipe is the extended version of the old style pipes.

It preserves the actual shape of the pipe, but the mechanism is completely different.
Instead of tobacco smoke emission, it delivers odorless vapor.
It is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative that can really make a difference in a person’s health.

While many pipes retain the old traditional form, you will find e-pipes with completely different designs.
They can be made of metal, chrome, or infused with many color combinations.
Regardless of the design, they work still the same way.

How does it work ?

The epipe is divided into three main parts.
The first part is inhalers, the mouthpiece to inhale the vapor.

Besides, the atomizer, a simple component which heats the ingredients in the pipe and create the vapor.

The last part, but the most important, is the battery.
Without the battery, the pipe will never work – after all, it is electronic.

An e-pipe reproduces the experience of smoking a tobacco pipe.
In common kits, you have the option to choose your favorite nicotine content, from 0 to high nicotine, similar to the range of what you could find on a cigarette.

The device also produces a unique scent depending on the flavor variant or juice used.
There are flavors that imitate tobacco and help to satisfy your cravings without risking your health in the same way as conventional pipes.

Each vape pipe also has space for a special cartomizer.
These cartridges are available in different flavors, but the most popular is still tobacco.
Try the taste of tobacco if you want to start kicking your cigarette habit, or other flavors that might interest you.

E-pipe against tobacco pipe

Traditional smokers will probably talk about buying vape pipes – some of them still do not buy the hype.

One of the most common reasons is that the vape pipes do not capture the true feeling of tobacco pipe. Some smokers feel them as novelties or toys, no real tobacco pipes.
This may be true, because the fun begins igniting tobacco and no ignition is involved in electronic pipe.

You just turn on the unit, put the cartridge you like, and vape away.
Some people believe that there is almost no effort. A vape pipe is convenient.

But epipes are healthier because of the liquid.
Tobacco is known to leave traces of nicotine and other toxins and chemicals in your body, and is the main cause of respiratory diseases worldwide.

At the same time, if you want to change, you will do a favor for the environment.
The vape pipes leave behind no dirt or ashes and the vapor created is harmless and soon absorbed into the air.

Electronic pipes price

Traditional electronic pipes cost about $70-90, depending on the manufacturer.
Pipe kits have higher cost because they come with accessories in general.

E-liquid flavors

Are you tired of the traditional tobacco flavor ? Do you want to experience a new feast of flavors ?
In this case, you have to taste the flavors of the fruits.
The most popular flavor is apple or cherry, and this can be more relaxed than ever before.
If you want your personal taste, you can choose blank cartomizers. These cartridges do not contain any flavor and is up to you to fill them with your own flavoring.

The popularity of electronic pipes shows that old habits are hard to break.
Smoking is rooted in human culture and it will stay in the picture for many years.

By innovating electronic devices, people now have more ways to enjoy the essence of smoking without sacrificing an healthy lifestyle. Just think about it.

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